What to Look For in Your Keyboard Keyboard?

What to Look For in Your Keyboard Keyboard?

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No matter where your musical career will take you, having a quality keyboard piano is a great way to begin a trip into musical appreciation. They are small and light and provide a terrific interface to the principles of music that can then be extrapolated to other instruments.

In the following brief introduction to selecting a suitable keyboard for your practice, we will examine some of the most important points that should be considered when choosing this versatile instrument for a first time user.


What To Look For When Buying A Keyboard Piano

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  • Keyboard Action

To play music, your fingers must strike the keys of the keyboard. The action of the keyboard will describe how the keys respond as far as firmness. It is easier to pushdown unweighted keys, but you will find that the weighted variety responds more like the traditional piano.

For beginner’s getting a feel for the moves of a piano, a keyboard with weighted action will add realism and good form.

  • Computer Connectivity

Computer connectivity is a feature that many of the better brands of the keyboard are offering. While this is in no means a requirement to learning how to play the keyboard well, there are some benefits to this feature.

For example, young learners will be able to play for themselves and listen to their own performance to help fine-tune their skills. They will also be able to get a feel for writing and recording their own works of art. Computer connectivity provides some good practice for keyboards you are sure to buy in the future.

  • MIDI Compatibility

Musical Instrument Digital Interface is another feature that every beginner keyboard user will eventually want to learn about. MIDI is like an electronic language that allows musical instruments to communicate through a special set of electronic signals.

Of course, this is not an absolute necessity for a musician looking to master the piano alone, it does provide an important platform from which to launch exploration into electronic music and to introduce music to a computer.

  • Sound

It is essential that your keyboard has the crisp clear sound of the very highest quality if you will develop a precision ear for good musical form. This is where choosing a quality brand will ensure the sound closest to the real piano.

But there are other sounds you may want to look for as well. Some things to look for are top-notch polyphony, the capacity to play a wide selection of sounds simultaneously, and the capacity to play the sounds of a wide range of instruments as well, such as woodwinds or stringed instruments.

  • Keyboard Size

The right size of a piano will allow you to hone your capacity perfectly before moving on to larger concert pianos. For an adult, the full-sized weighted keyboard is the best option as they will be able to handle the size just fine. For a smaller child, it may be better to choose the small options as they typically have more functions and offer a great beginner level keyboard piano to begin a life of practice.



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