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What To Consider When Buying A Tile Steamer?

A tile steamer is a lot easier to use than a mop and will provide a better clean. If you want to buy one, you could feel overwhelmed with the options on the market. To ensure you are getting the best tile steamer, we listed 4 considerations.

The Size and Weight

tank sizeThe first factors to consider when buying a tile steamer are the size and weight. You will want to avoid handheld steamers as they are not ideal for tile floors. Ideally, you will want a steamer you can easily hold for a long time and that is not too heavy.

Lighter steamers are recommended as you are more likely to use them regularly. However, these steamers will not have the same water capacity as larger and heavier ones. Where you will store the steamer also needs to be considered as the dimensions will need to match the storage location.

The Water Tank Size

After looking at the size and weight, you have to consider the water tank. Many people feel this is the most important factor because it determines how often you need to stop and refill the steamer. The water tank size will also affect the size and weight of the steamer.

More compact steamers will have smaller tanks. This means you need to stop cleaning and refill it in the middle of your cleaning task. The benefit of small steam cleaners with smaller tanks is that they heat up faster which allows you to start cleaning sooner.

Larger tanks take longer to heat and they will add size and weight to your steamer. However, you will not have to stop during your cleaning to refill them. Cylinder cleaner and vapor steam cleaners will generally have these large tanks while steam mops will have the smaller tanks.

how to clean tilesPressure and Temperature

You do not want to get a steamer that does not reach the correct temperature or pressure to push the steam. Higher temperatures are important because it will kill more germs. These temperatures will also be more effective at remove dirt.

The pressure is important, but you need to focus on the consistency of this pressure. There is no point in having a steamer that starts with a lot of pressure, but drops as you work. This will result in poor cleaning.

When it comes to pressure and temperatures, the steamers that offer better specs will cost more. You will need to weigh this cost against the deeper and dryer clean that you get from it.

Combination Models

Steam cleaning benefits a lot. When looking at steamers, you should consider combination models. These are steamers that have handheld devices built into the steamer. These models allow you to easily clean tile floors while using the handheld for cleaning tile walls.

Before you buy a tile steamer, there are a number of factors you need to consider. The size and weight are very important, but you also need to consider the size of the water tank. The temperature and pressure that is offered should also be considered and you have to look at how these are maintained.

What Is a Commercial Steam Cleaner?

A commercial steamer is majorly used for commercial purposes. This is because they can do intensive cleaning. Limiting it to home cleaning would be limiting to any user. This makes them huge and so expensive to purchase. This is not the case for industrial cleaners which tend to be relatively small and only convenient for cleaning small surfaces.

The pressure of the steam given by the commercial steamer is much higher than that of an industrial steamer. This makes it more effective than the industrial cleaner. In return, it uses much power than an industrial steamer. This explains why it is more effective for commercial reason s than for home purposes.

If you are doing the cleaning to bring income, you can go for a commercial steamer for more effectiveness. For domestic purposes, you can just go for an industrial steamer. It will give you the results that you need.