Why don’t I support this union? – It’s a business

I originally joined CGSU because I was uninformed and thought I’d support a good cause. I wasn’t aware of fees or the impending stress of dealing with union reps (who apparently are paid for, not just student reps) coming to my desk and bothering me. I told them it was a bad time repeatedly. It never stopped. I said I was unwilling to provide full-fledged support and wished the university made it easier to find total information. It turns out by law they’re not supposed to. Either way, I swore them off from visiting me again as I had weeks to determine my dissertation.
Ignoring me, the next day, the representative’s boss (a middle-aged gray-haired man) came to my desk demanding to understand if the university had “discouraged me from participating in the union”. My words were misrepresented and I was distracted from my work again. At any rate, I realized he was fishing for a soundbite. I told him explicitly that there was no foul play and he would not get one from me.
I told him to never bother me again.
I realized at this point what the union was. Why would this middle-aged man come to my desk? Why would he resort to the methods of a racketeer and pressure me into slinging mud at the university? I realized its because he was a paid employee.
Because if you think about it, Cornell’s 2200 grad students would pay over $900,000 a year. Possibly a million. Three years guaranteed, probably longer. A multi-million dollar  contract.
I removed my name from the pile because I realized the union is what it is. It’s a business, whose modus operandi is to corral the disaffected, however large of a minority they comprise, and by hoping the uninformed but generally happy students don’t bother to make a stink and push back. And before you know it we are stuck with this million dollar a year tax, that has to be borne by someone – students who do pay tuition, the students that the university has to cut back on, endowments, or even the current students.