This page summarizes sites and documents published by Cornell and its affiliates.

President Rawlings Statement on Graduate Assistant Labor Union Representation, October 27, 2016
This statement written by President Rawlings outlines the history of the unionization movement across the country as well as specifically at Cornell. It outlines the logistics and specifics of a union recognition election in particular that there is no opt out for assistants and that the majority wins, no matter the voter turnout. Also it points out three concerns the University has with unionization of graduate students:

“(1) the negative implications for Cornell’s current system of shared governance among students, faculty, and staff;

(2) the complications that may arise when individual students are bound by the requirements of a contract designed to serve the interests of a collective, and of the associated external labor union – interests that may not meet the needs of individual students and that could hinder the ability to tailor each student’s educational experience; and

(3) the potential for collective bargaining about terms and conditions of employment to negatively affect graduate students’ academic experience, especially because federal labor law does not define the boundaries between academics and employment.”

Union- University Conduct Rules and Recognition Election Agreement:

This document describes the negotiated terms between Cornell and CGSU/NYSUT/AFT along with the code of conduct. It outlines the rules of the unionization campaign and the logistics of the subsequent election with respect to CGSU/NYSUT/AFT and Cornell.

The Cornell Graduate School has complied an extensive FAQ covering the current unionizing campaign. The FAQs cover everything from the definition of a union to the election process to contracts and dues.

This document outlines the history of this unionization campaign and the particulars of inappropriate behavior on behalf of faculty members. Cornell faculty and staff are not allowed to direct student’s viewpoints regarding the union, however, students can ask faculty and staff about their opinions.

Various communications relevant to graduate student unionization. Parties involved include CGSU/NYSUT/AFT, National Labor Relations Board, the Dean of the Graduate School, the Dean of the Faculty, and other Ivy League administrations.