What does signing a CGSU Membership Card mean?

CGSU Membership Card from their website

  • This authorization card is a way for CGSU to prove their membership base and call for an election. They require 30% of graduate student workers to sign cards before an election can be held.
  • It is a LEGALLY binding document which indicates that you want to form a union and requires the University to honor the request for an election.
  • CGSU has already chosen to affiliate with NYSUT/AFT. By signing the card you acknowledge and support this choice.
  • If you were misled and want to withdraw your membership, please follow the procedure outlined below.  At What Cost would be glad to help you with any concerns/questions.
  • You have the right to make a choice without coercion. If you feel you were unduly coerced into signing (or not signing) this card, please file a grievance. Click here to learn how.


According to the CGSU constitution you can ‘voluntarily’ withdraw your membership  

“(1) Members may ask to leave the Union at any time by written request and the return of his/her membership card (if available) to the membership coordinator. (CGSU email: cornellgsu@gmail.com)

(2) Upon request and return, the membership coordinator will destroy the cards and log the date of the withdrawal.”

NOTE: Withdrawing your card is only possible before the union is recognized as the sole bargaining representative!