How do Cornell stipends compare to other Universities?


At What Cost compared Cornell stipends to other universities across the country. We selected a variety of universities, unionized and not unionized, public and private, located in large cities and smaller towns. We paid a little extra attention to the Ivy League schools since they compare to Cornell most closely in terms of academic ranking. Glassdoor provided data on the average reported salaries of TAs and RAs at other universities. Sperling’s Best Places was used to find the cost of living for each university. Using this data, we calculated the the stipends of each university adjusted into Ithaca dollars.

From the chosen subset of schools, we discovered that Cornell’s stipend is in the top third of the average reported salaries. When adjusted by the cost of living, Cornell ranked in the top 25% best paid graduate students. Considering other Ivy League schools are in larger cities, it wasn’t too surprising that Cornell is one of the best paid Ivies.

If you’re curious about how other schools stack up, let us know.